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Best Drum Vsti

The TS-808 is a software emulation of the Roland TR-808.

DSK SynthDrums -12 Patch kit. Deep control over sound design.

Claplab - flexible interface gives you a broad design options.

Roland TR-808 style drum synth, made with analog synthesis.

ErsDrums - drum VST machine with Midi learn and automation midi.

Dsk mini drumz 2 vst -Vintage drum machines rompler.

free drum kits vst - drum machine software

Combo v.0.7 / 0.8 pro - drum vst

Combo/Pro is a professional MultiChannel wavefile player. loads 16 and 24 bit wave files, as well as 5 slots for wavefiles. 2-bands Eq with on/off

Tromine Z - analog drum synth

Tromine Z is a TR-909-style analog drum synthesizer, developed by MARVIN VST. Tromine Z Allows you to quickly reach the sound you want.

SoFtDrum Synth - drum kits vst

Offers 12 drum-pads, using Soundfonts per drum-pad as its sample source.
Allows as many velocity splits as required per drum-pad.

Dsk synthdrums - drum machines

DSK SynthDrums is a 12 Patch drum Synth features: Easy assign sounds to keyboard, Deep control over sound design, Selectable output...

DS-404 - multi-timbral sampler

16 way multi-timbral, each timbre has its 32 note polyphony. If your CPU is up to it therefore this thing is 512 voice polyphonic.

VirtuaDrum - drum multichannel

features a CV sequencer and mixer, and a filter envelope trigger sequencer to modulate the channel filters to give variation to your sounds.

Dsk SF2 – v2 - soundfont player

DSK SF2 – v2 is a free high quality SoundFont player features: Bank and preset selector, Midi channel selector, Note control...

DrumTable - drum kits vst

Just a normal wave sample drum with some settings in the wave box. Its distorsion effect makes some very good sounds for the Industrial...

Grizzly - drum vst plugin

Some excellent drum sounds. Grizzly was made for KVR Developer Challenge together with Edward "Cyan" Blake. Grizzly ended up at 8th...

Dsk drumz beatvoize - beat box

DSK DrumZ BeatVoiZe - Human beat box module features: 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys), Level and pan control, 8 stereo outs, 26 samples...

SuperDrumFX - Drum sampler

Drum sampler with advanced possibilities. You can make your own sample based drum sets and play it by e-drum or DAW. The main goal of SDFX is...

transistor drums - drum kits vsti

this drum vsti includes 10 drumslots. most slots have: character select, tuning/pitch, attack & decay, distortion, velovity on/off switch...

Dsk drumz akoustik - drum vst

Acoustic drums module features: 8 sound slots, Level and pan control, Master amp. envelope (ADSR), 8 stereo outs with 85 hig quality samples...